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Studio Art Classes
Baltimore County, Maryland




Studio 55 offers art instructions in oil, acrylic, watercolor painting and charcoal pencil drawing* for adults.  Space is limited and registration is required.  Individual classes are also available for one or more students by appointment.


Drawing:  Pencil or Charcoal -
Experiment with pencil or charcoal to sharpen hand/eye coordination. Exercises will include perceptual skills of drawing line, shape, sighting (correct proportions) and value. 


Painting:  Oil, Acrylic or Watercolor on canvas, board or panel - 

Instructions and assignments are individualized and adjusted for each student’s interests, art background and abilities.  Learn entry level or advanced techniques in brush application, composition, value, color theory and aesthetic perception. (Drawing classes are recommended for entry level students). 

Portrait Studies in Painting or Drawing -
Clothed models will be provided for instructed portrait studies upon request.  An additional class fee for models and a minimum attendance of five students are required to schedule portrait classes.  Make-up classes are not available for portrait study and classes are not refundable.  


Printmaking Workshop:  Introduction to Woodcut (schedule and fees vary) -

Learn relief printing – Woodcut is a form of relief printing in which images are carved into woodblocks, ink is rolled onto the raised surfaces of the carved image, and pressure is applied to transfer the image onto treated paper. (Four students are required to schedule workshop classes).


*List of recommended art supplies are provided upon request.

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